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Monster City Planners: Help plan, build, and deconstruct a town full of ten-story tall monsters in this small game of big fun, and dual use card drafting.
Station Fall: Stake your claim in Martian Diamonds by rolling dice to deploy mining stations that attack their neighbors while falling through the Martian atmosphere.
Rollaway: Pick the perfect time to play each of the actions that your roll in Rollaway.
Twenty-Twelve: A physics-based puzzle platform game that involves exploring Mayan ruins to uncover a secret prophecy.
MADRIS: Place falling rooms to connect your sims with the rooms that satisfy their needs. There are 40 levels with unique objectives, in addition to the timeless arcade mode.
Spell Find: Spell Find combines the challenge of a word find with the excitement of fantasy combat. Find the word ARCHER to summon one to your aid, INFECT to poison your opponent’s minions, or FREEZE to temporarily disable their controls.