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Probability in Games 06: Can’t Stop Probabil-ating: Investigate the distribution of sums rolled in Can’t Stop.

Probability in Games 05: Zom-Bayes Rule: Learn about conditional probabilities and Bayes Rule in Zombie Dice.

Probability in Games 04: Variance in Dice Sums: The chances of rolling dice with different sums.

Probability in Games 03: Combinations in Deck Building: The odds of getting a lucky opening hand in Ascension.

Probability in Games 02: Roll For It’s 15 Point Cards: Are straights rolled more often than people expect?

Probability in Games 01: The Monte Hall Problem: Why is the Monte Hall problems so counter-intuitive?

Irrational Play and Design: See how game design can benefit from the lessons of behavioral economics.

#ProtoPlayPhoto: Find out what this twitter hashtag is used for, and why you should be using it.

Nine Touch Designs for Twenty Twelve: Read about nine design iterations on the touch interface that ultimately shipped with the game Twenty Twelve.

Trust in Crowd Funding: Read about the importance of developers building trust with crowd funding communities.

Reactive Game Architectures: Learn how reactive programming can help clean up your game code.

Inkscape Extensions in Any Language: Learn how to extend a powerful and free vector art tool with a language of your choice.