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Sugar Pill Studios’ mission is to help reduce the number of undeveloped great games in the world. Established as a hobbyist creative outlet in Minnesota (2004), Sugar Pill Studios has recently moved from Maryland’s Eastern Shore to Wisconsin’s capital. Sugar Pill Studios is the independent one-man game development company of Gary Dahl.

Short Professional Bio:
Gary has taught game design and development at the college level for over eight years. He has a Master’s Degree in computer science from the University of Minnesota, and has worked on a number of racing titles with Canopy Games. Throughout the years, Gary has also worked on more serious applications of game technologies with the Naval Research Laboratories, the Science Museum of Minnesota, Altec Energy, and several smaller startups. Gary’s games have been honored with awards, exhibited in museums, and presented in the Experimental Gameplay Workshop within the Game Developers Conference. Gary has also signed multiple tabletop game designs for publication.