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Station Fall has been licensed for publication and distribution by Game Salute. Details will be posted here when the game becomes available.

Stake your claim in Martian diamonds by deploying a fleet of mining stations to Mars. In Station Fall, dice represent mining stations that attack their competition while falling through the Martian atmosphere. After landing, these stations work in groups to mine diamonds from specific geological formations. The first player to control six mines wins in this lightly strategic game of dice rolling and area control.

Player turns consist of three phases: Terraforming, Recruiting, and Deployment. Terraforming expands the play area by adding new mineable Tiles to the board. Recruiting new Stations is done by rolling and re-rolling Station Dice; each Tile can only be mined by specific Station Dice combinations, for example: sets, straights, larges, odds, etc. The Deployment phase is when you place your Dice on the board. As Stations are deployed, they attack and possibly destroy enemies in neighboring sectors. Each Tile grants an advantage for either mining or deploying Dice to them. And no turn is ever wasted, with single use Utility Cards that are provided to players who are either unable or unwilling to make a deployment.

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