Despite a busy weekend and an initially disappointing theme, a Ludum Dare 19 jam submission has emerged. “Cannot Ludum Dare 19” is a puzzle game that involves collecting gems to open doors within a maze. The catch is that carrying these gems prevents you from taking certain actions. Once you figure out what it is you cannot do with a particular gem, you must puzzle through how you can reach the next locked passageway.
Cannot Ludum Dare 19 Screenshot
To give this game a free try: Download Here, and then make sure to let use know what you think.

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Scott Reynolds says:

That’s pretty fun. I ran into some trouble with the red gem. I couldn’t seem to unlock the red door with it. I might just be missing something. :)

Gary Dahl says:

Thanks Scott, You actually need all five red gems to unlock the red door. The general rule is that you need all of the gems of a particular color to get through a colored door, although this isn’t entirely consistent since you cannot pickup the grey gems, and there are multiple orange doors. I hope you play through, some of my favorite gems are later in the game.

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