The AGBIC contest is supposed to wrap up this weekend (although a one-week extension is sounding likely). I won’t be able to put much more time in between now and then, so I’m calling it complete. I’m very happy with my progress over the last month on this. Download Here.

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Scott Reynolds says:

Interesting concept. What does AGBIC stand for?

Scott Reynolds says:

Oh, never mind. A Game By It’s Cover. I just read your previous post. :)

BevansDesign says:

Very clever game. Just two things: it needs audio controls (I’d like to turn off the music because I like to listen to other music while I play games) and it needs a full-screen mode (I don’t like to squint).

Gary Dahl says:

Thanks for the feedback. As an entry in a one-month contest, the audio options didn’t make the cut of features that were implemented. However I do agree that this would make a nice addition. As far as a full-screen mode goes: it’s already in there, but fairly well hidden. Pressing F4 should toggle between windowed and fullscreen. Thanks again for playing, and sharing your reactions.

MacDiver says:

I am having trouble with the Rich and Famous level. Everytime I complete a layout with six or more rooms, it does not add to the counter below. Am I doing something wrong?

Gary Dahl says:

You know what? I did find one or two levels that had problems like this. I don’t have access to the source right now, but will look into it and try to have a fix posted this weekend… Thanks for letting me know about the problem. I’m glad to hear that people are still enjoying this game.

admin says:

I believe that I’ve fixed this problem along with a couple others. You should be able to download a new version of the game using the link above, and your old save files should still work without any modification. Enjoy!

MacDiver says:

That seemed to fix it up. Thanks.

brynn says:

I’m trying to download the game, using Firefox. I’m still rather new to Firefox, so it may be a problem on my end. But when I click to download, I get a little download window from FF. It appears to finish downloading and then disappears. Usually I find what I’ve downloaded in the Download folder of Windows Explorer. But it’s not there. I’ve searched the entire computer and can’t find it. Any ideas?

Thanks, can’t wait to try it :-)

Gary Dahl says:

It’s been a long time since I’ve used Firefox, but I wonder whether the culprit might be your virus software. I know that Norton has deleted some executables that I’ve downloaded based on the fact that they were uncommon. That might be another place to look(?).

You can also try downloading the .zip file instead of the .exe in the same location:

I’ll also send a personal email, in case that doesn’t work. Best, Gary.

brynn says:

Ah, the zip file downloaded perfectly, so I’ll be playing soon!

My av is ESET. I didn’t get any alerts. And I just checked the logs — nothing there for 1-27-12. It’s a mystery :-D

I’ll check the logs on my other security programs and let you know if I learn anything.

Thanks — off to play now!

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