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Setup: Each player clicks on a territory to choose the starting location for their empire.
Turn Sequence:
    1. Choose a race.
    2. Collect resources.
    3. Deploy troops.
Goal: Eliminate your opponent.

Choosing a race:
At the beginning of each turn, you choose the race you'd like to play. Each race comes with a unique magic ability that is only available while they are being played. On turns that you change your race (from the race you used on your previous turn), you will forfeit collecting resources.
    Goblins: can deploy magic resources as defensive units.
    Beasts: attack with one extra unit per deployment.
    Undead: receive a new defensive unit for each slain victim.
    Humans: can deploy magic resources as offensive units.
    Dwarves: defend with one extra unit per deployment.
    Elves: can attack territories that are farther away (neighboring their neighbors).
Collecting resources:
After choosing a race, you are automatically awarded new resources that correspond to the types of territories that you control. Green grasses yield attacking units, blue waters yield magic units, and red clay yields defensive units.
Deploying troops:
You can deploy troops as offensive, defensive, and sometimes (depending on your race) as magical. You may deploy as many troops to as many territories as you'd like until you either loose an offensive campaign or click on the TakeTurn/EndTurn button at the bottom of the screen.
    Offensive deployments can only be made to uncontested or enemy controlled territories. Uncontested territories are automatically won, and all of the offensive units immediately begin defending that territory. Enemy territories must be won. Each offensive unit is has a 50% chance of defeating a defending unit (even rolls are successful). When you have at least as many successful attackers as there are enemy defenders, you win the battle and any excess attackers begin defending your newly acquired territory. When you lose a battle, you lose your deployed units along with the ability deploy any more troops on this turn.
    Magical deployments are only possible with the goblin and human races. Other races' magic abilities are used automatically.
    Defensive deployments can only be made to territories that you already control. The number of defenders on a give territory is shown on the top face of the die in that territory. So there is a maximum of 6 defenders per territory.

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